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As humans we are always curious about things that we actually couldn’t see or touch but, we believe something is there. Or maybe something is going on.

This story is about a train. But it is not about train crash or something. Did you know?   a train which totally disappeared while passing through a tunnel of Lombard, Italy.

What Happened To The Train?

This incident happened on 14 th of July 1911. The train “Zanetti” with three cars left Rome and should go through the mountain tunnel in Lombard but it disappeared with the passengers as soon as it entered into the tunnel. Yeah it was totally disappeared after entering in to the tunnel! Other mysterious fact is the tunnel’s distance from begin to the end is only 1 meter. After entering in to the tunnel the train was disappeared forever!

From 100 passengers and six of staff, only 2 managed to rescue. They jumped out of the train at the last moment. After the accident two rescued passengers suffered with psychiatric disorder caused by strong stress but backed to norm later. They told that suddenly the passengers were overtaken with unexplained fear, panic started and the train was covered with milk – white mist gradually becoming more viscous.

The two men who manage to escape were at a huge shock at that time. One was described the incident to an Italian newspaper. “ It was unbelievable, there was very thick fog and strange noise while that happening. I couldn’t help and nervous. Only thing came to my mind is jump out from the train. I saw another passenger also jumped out with me. That is all I remembered”

No More Tunnel !

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Italian government did everything to sort out what was happening that day. Thousands of workers and four forces searched every single inch of the tunnel. They even dig in to tunnel and try to find the train. Unfortunately they couldn’t found any clue to sort what happened to the train. After the incident Italians were afraid to travel by the trains. Government decided to close and abandon the tunnel forever.

Due to a bomb exploration while the Second World War the tunnel was totally covered and couldn’t enter anymore. Many people believe that it happened due to a supernatural behavior or some miracle may happened at the time. Meanwhile others suspicious that train disappeared due to time traveling. And some were defined it may be a war strategy.

Flashback memories!

However after 29 years from the incident, a strange thing happened in Mexico. A doctor wrote on his journal something strange. “ There was 104 mental patients admitted in to the hospital. They all were very unconscious and they don’t even Mexicans. All symptoms were same, they all were Italians and didn’t even traveled by the sea or another way.”

the ghost train Italy/

And also he wrote these peoples’ cloths were looked like from another era. And the most impossible things is they all said, that they came by a train. We all know trains do transport on land not on sea.

But due to similarity of number of people and hence they all were Italians most people believed this 104 may be the passengers who disappeared in Italy in 1911.

ButHowever no one could prove or disregard that they were not the same passengers . The mystery of this train is couldn’t sort out yet! And it will be a mystery forever.