Weird Pets In The World

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Weird Pets In The World.

What is your pet? A cat? or a dog? Well, most common answer will be a dog or a cat. Why not both of them are cute, friendly, pleasant to look, play with you and many more cute facts.. Did you know? Some animal lovers cross the cuteness line and go for a kind of weird pets.

Here are some weird pets in the world!

The Tarantula

Oh what a cute eyes! What a cutie! Feel like hug this cutie isn’t it? No wait, don’t even think of it. It’s a huge spider with venom! It’s just a photo which taken at right time and it is not a cute one as shown here. Once a spider always a spider. That fact applicable to this Tarantula more and more. You can take him to home and put in to a glass box and pet him by only watching. Is that all? Yeah! It is. Ah… but there is one interested thing you can do with this beast, who is afraid of this cute lovely friend? Now you got it, I think!

The Hissing Cockroach

Eww…. A cockroach??? Dude are you out of your mind? How a cockroach will be a pet? Actually I feel like throw up when looking at this. But there is some people who love to keep them. What?? Yeah no need to read whole line again it is a pet!!! Oh man I feel like slap him with a slipper, but can’t! This will be someone’s pet even we don’t like we have to take it. It will not be a cute lovely one. But it is still a pet!

The Hedgehog

Cute little one! Isn’t he? Yeah he is cute if he isn’t covered with spikes. Except the spike thing he is an adorable pet like cats and dogs. Look at his lovely face, you may want to cuddle him. Oops… Remember there are thousands of spikes. Just make your mind strong to pet him without cuddling.


The Bearded Dragon

Seriously Dude? A big fat Lizard as a pet? Can you even cuddle him without hesitation? No way!! When compared with a dog, just give me a one good reason to keep him. Here you go. Don’t judge a book by its cover. He is really friendly, as not much as dog but he also a friendly pet. And also can transport easily more than a dog. He gets plus points! But, you can’t cuddle this little fellow. He may not be cuddly but he will not scratch or bite you when pet him! That is a release. Isn’t it?

The Burmese Python

Well, he is freaky! No other words, this giant beast is really really freaky! While you pet him, he will look at you with his innocent bright eyes and think “what a delicious meal”. Also he grow up long and big enough to eat you without giving you time to think! I don’t recommend this beast as a pet. A one  who can take you as his meal. And if you that much want to pet him just be careful not to get another pet in to your house. If you do so you will have to choose one between them. Definitely this beast will eat your other pet. So don’t make any mistake to regret!

The Slow Loris

Cat or dog? How about a slow Loris as a pet? This cute little fellow is cuddlier than even a dog! But you know this cuddling thing will be dangerous. Its armpits secrete a dangerous venom. Yes, its armpits. Which the Loris licks when grooming. Who thinks there is venom under this cute little face! Oh and another thing you must know. There is a possibility to this cute little one bites you. Believe me his bite won’t be cute. Okay then cut off the Loris from the list and will choose a dog or a cat, a pet only bite you but with love and loyalty, and not to harm you!  

The Scorpion

What happened to this world! a creepy, venomous, eight legged insect as a pet? No way… even it is a pet, it is too scary to look at it. It is still a creepy scorpion! Well there is no good reasons to pet it. It is not cuddly not friendly even not so cute. Why should I pet him? Oops I got it, if you have annoying siblings or friends; this freaky scorpion will be the best solution to shut them up! Okay you have a very good reason to keep it. Enjoy with your freaky little venomous fellow!

The Wallaby

Oh look at this cutie, a baby kangaroo! Nope this is not a baby kangaroo. This is a fully grown Wallaby! It is incredibly finicky and will take all of your space under his control. He has ability to jump up to 6 feet. Yeah… you will have to build your fence higher than 6 feet if you are willing to pet this cute one. He is really cute, friendly, and cuddly. Expect your attention more than you think. If you are looking for an alternative to dogs or cats, this Wallaby will be a good option until he kicks you!

The Skunk

He is cute, friendly, cuddly… wait a minute, cuddly?? Yeah cuddly but he stinks! Eww… Even he stinks you can keep  him but remember to give him baths as much as you can. Otherwise your friends will say, “Eww…you are stink like a Skunk”. Except the stink thing he is a really good one to pet. Don’t hesitate to try!


The Sugar Glider

Don’t let him to fool you with his innocent look.  I am saying again, don’t judge a book by its cover! If you are going to pet this weird guy you must have good tolerance with his poopy thing. Also you should able to take his four scent of glands marking territory as a normal thing. Lets go back to the skunk! If he stink once this sugar glider cutie will stink four times than the skunk. Who the hell named him? He must be kidding. Sugar Glider! Seriously dude?