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Why Matt Rife is Being Canceled, Biography 2023

When it comes to trending comedians on Tiktok, Matt Rife is topping the chart. Matthew is a young, good looking and talented comedian, who specializes in stand up comedy. His rise to fame has been greatly fueled by clips of his shows on Tiktok. Recently he was on the Emily & Todd Podcast where he talked about his preference in women and is getting smoked for it. In this article, we will talk about who he is and why some women want him to be canceled for his statements.

Who is Matt Rife?

Matt Rife is an American actor, stand-up comedian, Youtuber, and writer who was born on September 10, 1995. He is currently 27 years old. He has been performing stand-up since he was fifteen. Matt has traveled extensively over the world performing stand-up comedy on stages. Working alongside some of the biggest stars in comedy, including Ralphie May, Finesse Mitchell, Deray Davis, and others, has continued to be a privilege for him. He now frequently performs for the Laugh Factory, which is legendary. 

Despite having no acting or comedic experience, Matt is talented in these fields without having received any formal training. God has given him this talent. Along with his hilarious performances, he has also taken up acting parts in films and television programs. Read on to learn more as we shed some light on comedian and actor Matt Rife’s outstanding career.

Matt Rife Age

How old is Matt Rife? Matt who was born on September 10, 1995 is 27 years old as of 2023.

Matt Rife Height and Weight

Matt stands 6 feet 0 inches (1.83 meter) tall and weighs 85 kg (187 lbs).

Where is Matt Rife from?

American city of Columbus, Ohio, is where Matt was born and raised.

Matt Rife Girlfriend

Is Matt Rife married?

Despite having dated a lot of women, Matt has not yet wed anyone.

Matt Rife Kate Beckinsale

When Matt was 21 years old and Beckinsale was 45, they dated. The couple’s age difference was 22 years. Through a common friend, Beckinsale and Rife were introduced, and they later became “officially boyfriend and girlfriend.” They went on their first date right away and have been dating ever since, according to the insider. Our source claims that Rife had the support of Beckinsale’s friends and family.

matt rife kate beckinsale
What happened between Matt Rife and Kate Beckinsale?

Rife spoke candidly about his brief romance with Beckinsale, saying, “We dated for a year and it was definitely complicated. There were many ups and downs, but I’m delighted that she moved on. I hope they both get what they want out of it.

Matt Rife Christina

matt rife christina

Christina shams is the manager of Matt and currently other than speculation, there is no solid evidence or accusation of any form of romance between the two. Guess it’s purely business.

Matt Rife Zendaya

During a wild n out episode, Matt Rife made an advance for zendaya which she didn’t bulge for. Later Tom Holland warned Matt to stay off zendaya. There was no more interaction between them; that was the beginning and the finish.

Matt Rife Net Worth

Perhaps you are aware of comedians like Matt Rife who make a good living by appearing in stage performances, television shows, and movies. And Matt, who has been working in this industry for the past 12 years, now earns between $100,000 and $150,000 every year. He currently has a projected net worth of $1.5 million USD for 2022.

Matt Rife Grandfather

matt rife grandfather

Matt shared a special relationship with his grandfather. According to Matt in an interview, “Steven was his name, and Steven is also my middle name. It seemed like a fitting title for a special as I was named after him. Your grandfather Steven, who sadly passed away, was your largest role model, and this special is dedicated to him. It was recorded in Austin, Texas”.

Matt Rife Canceled

What happened to Matt Rife?

Recently, Matt got on the Emily & Todd Podcast where he talked about a lot of things but the main reason why he is being called out by a lot of women is because of what he said about his preference in physical appearance for a woman. Ever since then, the internet has been flooded with women on both sides. Most calling for him to be canceled and the rest defending.

Why are Matt Rife Being Canceled?

From our deep dive into this case, we discovered that the women that want him canceled are doing so on the claim that he was sexualizing and body shaming women by what he said on the podcast. However, from our analysis of what he said, he only talked about his preference in physical attributes for women and we think he should be allowed to have his preference like everyone else.

On an average, women just as men have physical attributes that they look for in the opposite sex. Be it height, weight, jaw line, body hairs, skin color etc. Everyone when asked will say what they prefer and frankly from what we see on social media, women do talk a lot about their physical preference in men.

However with close examination, we came to the assumption that these women who have been fantasizing about Matt discovered that they probably were not his ideal type from what he said on the podcast. This could cause them to become enraged and build up excuses to get him canceled so as to feel avenged. Although we want to assume that some women don’t fall into this argument. Those who do should have a rethink about how many times they told someone about their own personal preference in physical attributes for men. If they do so, then they will see that there is really no need for the clamor and call for Matt Rife to be canceled.

Did Matt Rife Get Canceled?

From the look of things, Matt is doing perfectly fine. None of his shows or events were canceled nor his social media accounts. Nevertheless, there are some lessons to learn from this case for the future.

Matt Rife Merch

There are a lot of Matt Rife merchandise out there but the one we recommend is this “I Love Matt” T-shirt on amazon.

Does Matt Rife have only fans?

Matt doesn’t have an onlyfans account, nevertheless he has a comedy special named Only fans

Matt Rife Netflix

Matt doesn’t have any netflix special for his comedy but there are a few movies featuring him on netflix.

Matt Rife Movies and Tv Shows

The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles is where American comedian, actor, and writer Matt Rife performs his stand-up routines. He appeared frequently in the cast of MTV and MTV2’s improv comedy series Wild ‘N Out from Season 7 to Season 9. Rife recently served as co-host for the MTV program TRL’s comeback, however she did not return in 2018. In Season 15, he returned to the program. He has been featured in a few movies which are listed below:

Matt Rife: Matthew Steven RifeSelf2023
North of the 10Matt Downes2022
Matt Rife: Only Fans Self2021
Death Link Darrin2021
The ElevatorMichael Juniper2021
Black PumpkinFlash2020
Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker’s Nightmare Leo2019
ATL Comedy Arts Fest Volume 2Self2019
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars Self2017
WTH: Welcome to Howler Jesse2016
Fresh Off the BoatLogan2015
Brooklyn Nine-NineBrandon Bliss2013

Matt Rife Wild n Out

matt rife wild n out

At the time of his appearance, he was the show’s youngest cast member. He has appeared in five episodes in Season 7, ten episodes in Season 8, and seven episodes in Season 9. He is the show’s first cast member from Ohio.

Matt Rife Social Media


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